Gabriel Afolayon has a voice to die for, talent to kill for and as far as this song is concerned… “A SONG TO DJANGO FOR” 😐 dont judge me, this young man is amazing. Probably the best love song I will be hearing in 2013 and its still so early in the year. Well if you dont believe me just download the song!!!… And please do tell a friend to tell a friend to tell the other friend you dont know to listen to Gabriel Afolayan’s AWELEWA!!!!

Yes and Awelewa means most beautiful 😐 Captain obvious. :)


Awelewa, gabriel afolayan, g fresh


He gave his fans “Kokoro ife” as valentine’s gift last year and they could not get enough of it. We all know when it comes to love songs Gabriel Afolayan aka G-Fresh is a master on the beat.

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